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TSS -ARKS software

 Thermal Safety Series-Advanced Reaction Kinetics Simulation (TSS-ARKS) software  
- the analog-free methodology and software for reaction hazard assessment

TSS-ARKS is the integrated system which covers the entire spectrum from experimental study of a reaction and processing of experimental data to creation of a kinetic model to simulation of chemical reactors and runaways of various kinds. Therefore TSS-ARKS is very efficient for assessment of reactive hazards of chemical processes and products which is evident from the numerous publications of the TSS and TSS-ARKS Users: pdfsmall_1.gif

TSS-ARKS software replaces the well-known TSS series; it inherits all the best features of TSS and offers  new capabilities.

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Major features of the System:

  • The state-of-the-art methods for interpretation and analysis of data from various calorimetric techniques
    including thermal analysisadiabatic and reaction calorimetry;
  • Powerful unique methods for evaluation of complex reaction kinetics;
  • The state-of-the-art simulation-based methodology for predicting and preventing runaway accidents involving chemical products and processes;
  • All the methods are supported by user-friendly TSS-ARKS software allowing a researcher to concentrate on the problem at hand rather than on challenges related to ways of solving problems;
  • TSS-ARKS software is supported by carefully elaborated manuals and video-tutorials that help a user to master software;
  • TSS-ARKS components are interlinked to each other providing a unified analog-free system;
  • Each TSS-ARKS component has a unique set of features that distinguishes it from other commercial offerings. TSS-ARKS components can be used successfully as standalone programs
  • TSS-ARKS gives general solution of the crucial challenge of hazard assessment – the scale-up problem
  • TSS-ARKS applications provide full compatibility with the data and projects created by their predecessors from the TSS series
TSS-ARKS is addressed to:  
  • R&D Centers of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • R&D Centers of Manufacturers and Users of energetic materials
  • R&D Centers of Manufacturers and Users of rechargeable batteries
  • Physical-chemical laboratories
  • R&D Centers and laboratories involved in hazard assessment of of dangerous goods (UN TDG, IMO,
    etc,) and in classification of chemicals (UN GHS, CLP, etc,)
  • Consulting Firms dealing with Chemical Processes
  • Chemical Engineering Departments of Universities 

What to use? Just select the TSS-ARKS subset you need most

​​​​​​TSS-ARKS consists of more than 12 interlinked applications but it doesn't mean that the whole ​system is required. You can choose the most appropriate subset depending on your area of activity and experimental technique you use in the lab.

CISP offers several typical TSS-ARKS subsets adjusted as to the instruments available as to the final aim of your studies. See the Solutions  page for the detailed description

Trainings, seminars and web-seminars

​​​​​​CISP provides all its Customers with the initial and advanced training courses. Depending on the composition of the subset initial training can be optional or obligatory. A Customer can also order the advanced training for raising of users' qualification. Training courses are provided on-site or/and in the remote mode via Internet.

From time to time CISP organizes the TSS-ARKS seminars to inform the users about new methods developed by CISP experts and about new features of software, and to allow the users to meet and share their experience. Such the seminars are held both as in "in-person" and in "virtual" mode.

Note: trainings and seminars can be conducted only by CISP experts or the authorized CISP representatives.

General features of the Software
  • System of interlinked components
  • based on elaborate methodology
  • Application of state-of-the-art math methods
  • Merger of math methods and experience of a
  • researcher into unified strategy
  • Management of multiple projects
  • Link to Physical Property Data Bases
  • Flexible graphics
  • Common data bases of kinetic models
  • Project-oriented User's interface
  • Manipulated accuracy control
  • MS Word report generation, transfer data to Excel
  • Interactive help system and detailed problems-solving video Tutorials
  • Complete set of User's Manuals
  • Minimum hardware requirements: 
    Pentium V, Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Installation Guide pdfsmall_1.gif

If you've purchased the license please see the Registration guide pdfsmall_1.gif to learn how to register for permanent use. If you have multi-installation license the Key request form can help in requesting the registration keys.

See TSS-ARKS structure

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