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CISP Newsletter N 15 21.12.2020 00:23

CISP Newsletter N15 is available. It demonstrates how to use the sealed glass crucibles for performing experiments by DSC or micro-calorimeters with 3D Calvet-type sensors.

Monograph by A. Benin and A. Kossoy 01.11.2020 21:13

New monograph "Thermal hazards and thermal safety of energetic materials, chemical processes and objects.
The methodology of investigation based on the systemic approach  and mathematical modelling" written by CISP experts  A. Benin and A. Kossoy has been issued by the Russian Publisher Infra-engineering. The monograph is in Russian and is addressed to Russian scientists and engineers.

Монография А. Бенина и А. Коссого "Термические опасности и термическая безопасность энергетических веществ, процессов и объектов. Методология исследования на базе системного подхода и математического моделирования" только что вышла в издательстве  Инфра-инженерия. Книгу можно приобрести онлайн
на сайте издательства

Cooperation with Thermal Hazard Technology - THT 18.08.2020 22:55

CISP Ltd. entered into the Cooperation agreement with Heath Scientific Co Ltd T/A Thermal Hazard Technology having its offices at 52c Borough High Street, London, England, hereafter called THT.

Within the framework of the Agreement THT is authorized  to distribute worldwide Licenses on the CISP TSS and TSS-ARKS software together with the THT instruments or to the existing users of THT instruments.

Cooperation with Wuxi CAE Technology Co., Ltd, Cina 23.04.2020 00:00

CISP Ltd. entered into the Distribution agreement with Wuxi CAE Technology Co., Ltd, China.

Within the framework of the Agreement Wuxi CAE Technology is authorized  to distribute Licenses on the CISP TSS and TSS-ARKS software in China. Furthermore, Wuxi specialists, being highly experienced in applying software, are certified for conducting training courses for the Clients and providing consultancy.

New CISP Newsletter and articles 05.01.2020 22:16

1. CISP experts published 2 new articles:
"Effect of thermal inertia‑induced distortions of DSC data on the correctness of the kinetics evaluated" in Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry; and "An in-depth analysis of some methodical aspects of applying pseudo-adiabatic calorimetry" in Thermochimica Acta 

2. The CISP Newsletter N14 "Simple theory of melting based on the DSC model or what we can learn from such experiments" has been issued

Update of the ARKS-DConv program 07.11.2019 20:01

The updated version 1.0.1 of the ARKS-DConv software is now available.

Small bug that could be met when using DConv for converting data of reaction calorimetry has been
detected and fixed.

Appearance of new TSS-ARKS software 20.05.2019 23:24

CISP is glad to announce the issue of the first part of  powerful Thermal Safety Series - Advanced Reaction Kinetic Simulation, TSS-ARKS software. This new line of state-of-the-art sofware replaces the well-known TSS.

TSS-ARKS inherits all the best capabilities of TSS and has many new functions, new up-to-date and more convenient interface, revised and improved algorithms for data treatment, reworked documentation. One of the novelties is the set of video tutorials that supports every application to help in mastering software. Full compatibililty of databases of TSS and TSS-ARKS allows our users smooth and easy transfer to the new software line.

At the moment two software suites are available:

  • The Data processing suite includes ARKS AC, TA and RC appivations for thorough processig and comprehensive analysis of adiabatic data, data of thermal analysis and data of reaction calorimetry respectively.
    This suite contains also the ARKS DConv auxiliary program - new data file converter.
  • The Kinetics suite comprises ARKS IK, FK and CK program packages for evaluation of model-free, formal and concentration kinetics respectively.

Participation in 11 Intern. HFC symposium on Energetic materials 13.05.2019 23:50

CISP experts attended the 11 International Heat Flow Calorimetry Symposium on Energetic Materiasl, Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinzal-Berghausen, Germany, May 13-16 2019 and made 3 presentations:

  1. A. Kossoy, Applying adiabatic calorimetry for study of energetic materials - is it possible?
  2. A. Kossoy, Effect of peculiarities of DSC experiment on correctness of the kinetics created
  3. A. Kossoy, P. Grinberg, O. Antonov, Kinetics-based simulation of thermal explosion – some  examples of experimental validation

New issues of the CISP Newsletter 30.04.2019 00:05

Two new issues of the CISP Newsletters are availabe for our visitors.

N 12 discusses one unusual case when the overall reaction heat varies with heating rate and reveals the origin of this phenomenon that can easily be considered as experiment's error

N 13 represents collection of the cases when prediction of thermal explosion by kinetics-based simulation was verified by the large-scale explosive experiments.

CISP started partnership with Chemryt informatics Pvt. Ltd (India) 11.03.2019 18:18

CISP established the partnership with Chemryt informatics Pvt. Ltd (India); parties signed the distribution agreement and since March 2019 Chemryt became the authorized distributor of the CISP software in India. We are looking forward to successful collaboration that will place CISP unique methods and software at disposal of engineers and scientists of Indian chemical inductry and universities.

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