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ChemInform (since 2018 CISP Ltd.) has been created in 1994 as research and development company. The research activity was focused on investigation of thermal safety of various chemicals including energetic materials, and study of chemical processes.

To ensure successful investigations in such a complex and sensitive area as thermal safety CISP paid essential attention to the methods used for investigation, constantly improving the existing methods and developing new original ones. 

Our staff includes about 10 specialists in various areas: chemical engineering, chemical and thermal physics, hydrodynamics, programming, etc. The CISP achievements in the area of methodology for investigation of reaction hazards and creation of the problem-oriented software TSS and CES are recognized worldwide.

Since the beginning of 2018 CISP closely collaborates with the ArkosSoft Ltd. developing TSS-ARKS - new generation of software which inherits the best features of the TSS series and  has many new possibilities and be more convenient for use.

Areas of activity 
Having highly qualified personnel CISP is able to implement a wide range of investigations and developments. The main directions of our activity are 

   Reaction Hazard Assessment - methodology of applying various calorimetric techniques
    for reactions investigation, methodology of kinetics evaluation, methodology of thermal
    explosions and runaway modeling and sizing vents, development of the commercial
    problem-oriented software.

   Chemical Engineering - methodology of kinetics evaluation for homogeneous and
    heterogeneous-catalytic reactions, reactors simulation and optimization, development of
    the appropriate commercial software.

   Applied investigations - experimental study of reaction kinetics and reaction hazard
    assessment, determination of hazards of chemicals in accordance with UN TDG
    regulations, GHS and REACH (such as SADT, SSD, and many others).

   Services comprising all the types of data  treatment and hazard evaluation based on
     data of a Client.

More details about the problems that can be resolved with the help of CISP methods and software can be found in our Publications and CISP Newsletters

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