TSS-ARKS structure


TSS-ARKS software has four suites united by the purpose of the applications comprising the suite. The TSS-ARKS  flowchart below depicts its structure:

Data proessing suite:

DConv converting original data

ARKS TA - processing of data of thermal analysis

ARKS AC - processing and analysis of adiabatic data

ARKS RC - processing of data of reaction calorimetry

Hazard assessment suite:

ARKS TE & ARKS CTE - simulation of thermal explosions in solids (TE)  and liquids (CTE)

ARKS HA - preliminary hazard assessment 

ARKS IS - designing inherently safer processes

TSS-ARKS strc2

Kinetics evaluation suite:

ARKS IK - creatiing model-free kinetics

ARKS FK - creating conver-sion-based formal kinetics

ARKS CK - creating concen-tration-based descriptive kinetics

Vent sizing suite:

MIXTURE - calculating properties fo multi-component mixtures

BST - simulating runaway in a BATCH reactor

VENT - calculating two-phase flow

At the momdent two software suites are available - the Data processing suite including ARKS AC, TA, RC and auxiliary program ARKS DConv, and Kinetics suite comprising ARKS IK, FK, and CK. In the beginning of 2020 new family will be replanished by the ARKS HA and ARKS TE. The ARKS IS will follow soon after.


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TSS-ARKS structure