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ARKS AC - processing and analyzing data of pseudo Adiabatic Calorimetry

The ARKS AC (Processing and Analysing Adiabatic Data) software belongs to the TSS-ARKS software and represents the analog-free program package for thorough processing and analysis of data generated by (pseudo) adiabatic calorimeters of various types (ARC, VSP, Phi-Tec, RSST, DEWAR) (see also Newsletters #2, #9).  ARKS AC offers the bunch of the most up-to-date methods for data processing including some original methods that are available only in this program package (see articles for more details). ARKS AC will be a very useful tool for everyone involved in thermal hazard assessment and design of emergency relief systems. It can be used as standalone software in physical-chemical laboratories,  but the most beneficial way is to use this program as a part of the TSS-ARKS.

ARKS AC inherits the best features of its predecessor ADaExpert and has many new qualities - new interfacte, essentially reworked tools for data processing based on carefully  improved algorithms, videotutorials to help in mastering software:

AC Tutorial 1 converting data icons8-video-48
AC Tutorial 2 processing data icons8-video-48
AC Tutorial 3 analyzing data icons8-video-48

Loading data 

The program allows a User to load, process, and store data of one- or two-response adiabatic experiment (Temperature or Temperature + Pressure). Original data may be presented in integral (T, P) or/and derivative (dT/dt, dP/dt) form. Data can be sampled with constant or variable rate. 

ARKS AC works in combination with the auxiliary Data Converter (ARKS DConv) program which allows easy and convenient way of converting data from ASCII format or from an Excel file. .

Storing data

ARKS AC  provides storage of original and processed data into internal database which consists of data volumes (DV). Every DV includes number of data sets that represent results of separate runs. Processed data can be saved directly into the ARKS FK  (ForKor ARKC CK (DesK) databases. 

Processing data

ARKS AC supports all the types of data processing that were available in its predecessor ADaExpert: 

  • smoothing responses by applying exponential or polynomial filters; 
  • correcting pulse distortions (spikes) by applying linear cutter (replaces spike with the fragment of straight line), exponential corrector (replaces spike with the fragment of exponential curve), and polynomial corrector with variable order 
  • cutting fragments: cutting tails, cutting internal fragments selected by 2 markers, deleting separate points marked by the cursor 
  • thinning out data (decreasing number of data points without loss of information); 
  • linear transformation of responses 
  • building derivative responses (dT/dt, dP/dt) on the basis of integral ones and vice versa; 
  • correcting Pressure Response on Pressure of Inert Gas; 
  • correcting the Pressure Response on Vapor Pressure; one can choose between Antoine and simplified August formulas for approximation of temperature dependency of vapor pressure ;
  • calculating Heat and Gas Production responses; 
  • defining the onset temperature; 
  • automated procedure for selecting data points that belong to the thermal initiation period (History);
  • presenting data in graphic form in selectable axes; 
  • presenting and viewing of several data sets simultaneously - Multigraph data presentation. This mode gives very convenient way to make the comparative analysis of results of several separate experiments including such cases when various calorimeters where used for the study of the same sample. All the data or chosen part of data sets can be transferred into the Excel just by selecting the corresponding menu option. 

To make data processing easier ARKS AC  provides automated plot adjustment in accordance with processing to be made. 

Unique features of data processing include: 

  • the possibility to take into account dependency of heat capacities of the sample and bomb material on temperature (hence, accounting for variability of thermal inertia); 
  • the possibility to take into account thermal expansion of the sample and bomb, which is important for accurate calculation of gas generation; 
  • the possibility to take into account impact of thermal initiation period on the following reaction course

Analyzing data

The data analysis module employs the most up-to-date simplified methods and allows getting useful information provided that data comply with limitations of these methods. The methods include:

  • Kinetics evaluation, the overall single stage N-order kinetics can be evaluated;
  • The unique analog-free method for data correction on thermal inertia, it allows proper prediction of adiabatic time scale and correction of pressure and gas production responses;
  • The module for prediction of adiabatic Time to Maximum Rate;
  • The Vent sizing module for calculation of safety device size. It allows the choice between the J. Leung method and ISO 4126-10 Standard

You can find an example of applying these features of the ADaExpert in the  CISP Newsletter N9. All the materials presented there remain valid for ARKS AC.


Requirements: Pentium V or higher, at least 512Mb of memory, 50Mb of hard disk space, Windows XP, 7, 810.

The ARKS AC setup is delivered via Internet as an archive file therefore you should first extract the setup and then follow with installation.

ARKS AC can be installed along any preferred path whereas ARKS DConv must be installed along the default path. Nevertheless we recommend to install both these programs along the default path (see below).


  1. The ARKS DConv setup should be downloaded and installed separately. Click here to download ARKS DConv
  2. ARKS TA, AC and RC use the same Data converter; therefore it should be installed only one time.  
  3. When installing ARKS AC under Windows 7 and higher we strongly recommend to accept the default path  C:\Users\[username]\CISP\ARKS AC
  4. When installing TSS-ARKS applications one can meet the problem with Anti-virus tools you use. Some of them may suspect that TSS-ARKS programs are infected. Please don't worry. This may happen     due to new powerful protection system (provided by  the Enigma Protector - one  of the world  leaders in this area) which sometimes causes alarm because anti-virus tools cannot look  inside the protected code. As a result the application will be blocked.  To avoid such problem ask your IT service to exclude Users\[username]\CISP folder from virus  check.

 CISP guarantees that TSS-ARKS is 100% clean, which means its applications do not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, tojans and back door.  

Be aware - even if you are the licensed user of ARKS AC you will have to get new registration key. Please email us the request and don't forget to indicate your company and your name

IMPORTANT! Be aware that on the expiration of the Warranty/maintenance Period the License on any TSS or TSS-ARKS application remains valid for the version last updated during maintenance Period. Therefore if your maintenance has expired you wouldn't be able to use new updatesIf you nevertheless download the setup of new version and replace your working version with new one it won't work and you will lose working program! To avoid such situation check please whether you have valid maintenance before downloading any TSS-ARKS program. 

Download latest version of ARKS AC


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ARKS AC-software for Processing and Analysis of data of Adiabatic calorimetry