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Purpose of the program

InSafer is the unique analog-free software for optimization and design of inherently safer BATCH and semi-BATCH chemical processes. Process optimization for a given set of equipment is implemented. The optimization is aimed at finding an operational mode, which provides an inherently safer process, i.e. a process which is as safe as possible under normal operating conditions and in case of an accident.

The convenient project-oriented interface facilitates DesK application.

Handling data

InSafer is based on the project concept. A project unites all the data necessary for simulation – kinetic model, reactor description (initial conditions, heat exchange parameters, parameters of the inlets), physical properties of a reacting substance, optimization criteria, parameters of numerical method.

Projects are stored in the internal database. Database consists of data volumes. Every data volume includes number of projects.

The InSafer project is fully compatible with the DesK project therefore one can import data into InSafer (in particular kinetic model) from DesK and vice versa.

Main features of the program:

  • The choice of different available criteria that allow taking into account both process safety and process feasibility.
  • There are simple and flexible methods for defining control variables that are to be optimized.
  • InSafer is based on the up-to-date efficient methods of numerical mathematics, chemical kinetics and optimization.

The following control variables or parameters can be subject to optimization:

  • Environment (jacket) temperature
  • Initial temperature of a reacting mixture
  • Heat transfer coefficient
  • Inlet flow rates

Physical properties

InSafer supports two methods of calculation of physical properties of multi component reacting mixture:

  • By using the built-in simplified database of physical properties of species that is to be replenished by the user. In this case the mixture properties are calculated by using the additive rules. This method can be applied for preliminary analysis.
  • InSafer is linked to Mixture software that allows calculation of the comprehensive set of properties of real mixtures..

Type of kinetic models

InSafer is principally based on the use of the descriptive concentration-based kinetic models. The validity of the generalized law of mass action (GLMA) is assumed, i.e. the rate of a stage is proportional to the product of concentrations with arbitrary orders.

A model can be created manually when working with InSafer, loaded from its data base, or imported from the DesK data base. In any case creation of a model doesn't require any programming.

Reactor’s model

The general model of a jacketed continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) is assumed. A reactor can have several independent inlets and one outlet, which is automatically synchronized with the inlets. Control variables that define operating conditions (environmental temperature, heat transfer coefficient, inlet flow rates) can be defined as tabular functions on time;

  • A reactor can have several multi component inlets. Composition of a mixture and its temperature can be defined separately for every inlet.
  • The outlet is automatically synchronized with the inlets

If the outlet flow rate equals to 0 the CSTR is transformed to a semi-BATCH reactor. If there are no inlets then the BATCH process will be simulated.

Optimization modes

InSafer supports two modes of optimization:

  • Optimization of process conditions that ensure safety at normal functioning
  • Optimization of process conditions that ensure maximal attainable safety of a process in case of accident

Stability Analysis

The unique feature of InSafer is the possibility to analyze stability of thermal mode of the process. The analysis employs the group of mutually complementary original methods that allow revealing sensitivity of process mode to permissible deviations of control parameters and variables from the optimal values for complex essentially non-linear processes.

  • Fast preliminary analysis of the process stability is implemented by applying the scan method which is designed so as to take into account peculiarities of a semi-BATCH process.
  • The full-scale non-linear optimization is used for performing the detailed stability analysis.


InSafer 2x and higher is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 810.

ATTENTION! When installing InSafer under Windows 7 abd higher the recommended path is C:\Users\[username]


CPU: Intel Pentium 1200 MHz and faster

Memory: 512 MB

Disk space: 50 MB

CD-ROM: present

OS: MS Windows  XP,  7, 8, 10



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