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Software sub-set for reaction calorimetry

This TSS-ARKS subset is intended for a chemical engineering laboratory which investigates chemical reactions by applying reaction calorimetry or lab-scale reactors.


The subset consists of ARKS RC, ARKS CK, ARKS IS and/or ARKS HA and/or ConvEx and/or BST Package.

ARKS RC provides processing of data that include heat generation, pressure and concentration responses. Data can be generated by experiments run in BATCH or semi-BATCH mode with multi-component reacting mixtures. The auxiliary DConv Data File Converter program allows simple method for data conversion.

ARKS CK allows creation of complex multi-stage concentration-based reaction models. The bunch of the state-of the-art math methods for numerical integration of non-linear reaction models and non-linear optimization in conjunction with calculation of variable physical-chemical properties of mixtures makes this program the analog-free tool for kinetic analysis.

The line of programs ARKS RR/IS/CTE/BST allows solving various practical problems. The choice depends on the kind of investigations carried out in the laboratory.

ARKS IS can help in designing a process. It allows process optimization, includes the unique method for designing an inherently safer process, and has the analog-free module for stability analysis of a process mode. InSafer can be recommended to anyone involved in chemical engineering.

ARKS HA , ConvEx  and BST are addressed to specialists in reaction hazards. 

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Software subset for reaction calorimetry