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New versions of TSS applications 21.01.2014 03:11

New or updated versions of ThermEx, ForK and TDPro programs are now available.

Whereas ThermEx and ForK have some minor improvements new version of TDPro
includes new useful option - that helps in determining location of specific points on the peak.


The first commercial version of the IsoKin program 16.01.2014 04:45

We are glad to inform our visitors that the TSS series has been replenished by the first commercial version of the IsoKin program (see Isokin page for more detailes). It is a useful addition to two main kinetics evaluation programs ForK and DesK.  Welcome to try this new program. For the TSS users it won't take long to master IsoKin - it has many features in common with ForK.

XIV International conference on thermal analysis and calorimety in Russia 02.08.2013 03:54


The conference was a success - it gathered many Russian and foreign researchers that apply methods of thermal analysis in various areas as well as thr represenatives of major manufacturers of thermoanalytical instruments. The list of presentations and topics covered are impressive.


CISP experts made 2 presentations:


A. Kossoy - Effect of peculiarities of a DSC experiment on correctness of the kinetic model created 


Belokhvostov V., and  Kossoy А. - Features of kinetic study of thermal decomposition by applying DSC on the example of water solution of hydroxylamine


 The XIV International conference on Thermal analysis and Calorimetry in Russia  (RTAC-2013) will be held

in Saint-Petersburg during the period 23-28 of September 2013. 

Many scientists from Russia and other countries expressed their interest in participation. CISP experts will also attend the conference and make presentations.


New versions of TSS applications have been issued 02.08.2013 03:46

New features of these programs can be found on the following pages:

New version of ThermEx software is available 26.07.2012 00:05

New version of ThermEx software is available for downloading.

New version of ConvEx software is available 17.07.2012 04:16

New version of ConvEx software is available for downloading.

New version of RCPro is available 10.07.2012 01:53

New version of  RCPro software is available for downloading. 

New version of TDPro is available 06.07.2012 00:18

New version of TDPro software is available for downloading.

New versions of ADPro and TFConverter are available 05.07.2012 02:13

New versions of ADPro  and TFConverter are available for downloading. 

New versions of 7 TSS applications are available 02.07.2012 03:03

New versions of the following TSS applications are available:

If you encounter any problems with downloading, installing or using the software, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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