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Participation in annual EDUG meeting 2017 22.06.2017 23:54

CISP experts participated in the annual EDUG meeting, 22-23 June, Lyon, France and made 2 presentations:

A. Kossoy (CISP), K. Middle (Chilworth), J. Singh (HEL) 2 unusual complex cases – how to deal with adiabatic data when traditional methods fail

A. Kossoy (CISP), Adiabatic calorimetry – new trends and some peculiarities of application

New versions of TSS series 10.02.2017 23:22

New versions of majority of TSS applications are available. Main features:

  • Essentially redesigned by applying new developer platform 
  • Supports Unicode thus allowing the use of local languages, e.g. for assigning the names of data volumes, data sets, comments, etc.
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Revised documentation (help and User's guide)
  • New protection system which is compatible with latest versions of Windows and is much more reliable, flexible and convenient

Vsit the Version history pages of the TSS section to find more details

Participation in XV International Conference  on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 16.09.2016 23:46

Specialists of CISP participated in the XV International Conference on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (RTAC-2016) held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 16 – 23 September, 2016 and made several presentations:

A. Kossoy, V. Belokhvostov, A. Suvorov, Methodical aspects of applying DSC experiment for the study of reaction kinetics.

A. Kossoy, The system for investigation of reactive hazards of chemical products and processes based on combined use of methods of thermal analysis and calorimetry and mathematical simulation

11th issue of the CISP Newsletter 12.08.2016 10:15

New issue of the CISP Newsletter has been added.

CISP Newsletter N11 titled "Reaction calorimetry: types, simple theory and application for kinetic study (overview)" is the overview of main types of reaction calorimeters available on the market with math models and discussion of the instruments features, given in a compact form. Its aim is to help in understanding principles of RC and in choosing the type of instrument most relevant for study of specific problem. 

CISP Newsletter #10 is available 18.07.2016 11:10

New CISP Newsletter  #10 is now available. It is the follow-up to the Newsletter #8 and gives more detailed consideration of the safety predictive-evaluation method for LIB by kinetics-based simulation, which makes it possible to predict the safety of a LIB of any size based on data for smaller cells.

You can also find the old report made at 53 Calorimetry conference (USA, Midland, 1998) added to the Articles. Though this report has been written many years ago it contains the material which is still instrumental for researchers that use calorimetry of various types.

Updated manuals 15.07.2016 16:22

The TSS manuals have been updated 

New updates of the TSS series 03.02.2016 11:28

CISP is happy to announce the issue of updated versions of the TDPro, ADaExpert, RCPro, ForK, IsoKin and ReRank programs.

All the new versions have

  • enhanced Chart adjustment option – the possibility to define suitable font sizes for axis legend and numbering, curve legends.
  • essentially reworked Help and User’s Guide
  • Minor improvements of the User’s interface and algorithms

Compatibility with MS Windows 8 and 10 is provided.

To learn more about new features of every program visit the corresponding page.

Updates of the other TSS components will be available soon.

Next issue of CISP newsletter #9 10.11.2015 19:00

Read new issue of our CISP Newsletter #9 "Kinetics-based simulation approach. Advanced analysis of adiabatic data by applying ADaExpert" which demonstrates how to process and analyze data of adiabatic calorimetry by using ADaExpert software - new TSS member of the TSS family.

New version of the ReRank software 20.06.2015 07:03

CISP constantly expands functionality of our strategic TSS series. The last step in this direction is the release of new version of the ReRank software - ReRank 4.0.0.

It has two major new features:

  • possibility to use any kinetics created by TSS kinetics software - in addition to formal (ForK) and descriptive models (DesK) the isoconversional kinetics (IsoKin) is now available;
  • determination of new hazards indicators:

            - Thermal aging

            - SATD for liquids in full accord with the UN TDG and GHS requirements.

 More detailed information about modifications can be found on the ReRank page


New publication of CISP experts 09.06.2015 07:33

New article "Thermal decomposition of AIBN: Part D: Verification of simulation method for SADT determination based on AIBN benchmark" by A. Kossoy, V. Belokhvostov and E. Koludarova (DOI:10.1016/j.tca.2015.06.008) will be published in Thermochimica Acta soon. It belongs to the series of 4 articles that contain the results of the participants of the international project aimed at experimental verification of simulation-based methods for SADT determination.

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