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Download ARKS DConv

Description: Data converter DConv for converting original data into internal format of TSS-ARKS data processing suite 
Works with ARKS TA, ARKS AC and ARKS RC applcations.

Requirements: CPU: Intel Pentium 1200 MHz and faster, Memory: at least 1024MB, Disk space: 50 MB, OS: MS Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

NoteSometimes it happens that ARKS AC/TA/RC cannot find the path to the DConv.exe Converter. We get the requests from our users from time to time to assist in resolving this problem. See the recommendations here   pdfsmall_1.gif

Last version: ARKS DConv issued 12 December 2021
Remember that, similar to  other TSS-ARKS applications, it is recommended to install it along the default path

In case of any questions with regard to ARKS Dconv just write us.


Download the latest version of software:

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Download ARKS DConv