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Purpose of the program

The BST package (The Batch Stirred Tank) belongs to the Thermal Safety Software (TSS) series. It is intended for computer simulation of physical and chemical processes that are proceed in well-stirred batch tanks equipped with emergency pressure relief systems, and calculation of a proper size of a vent system that provides prevention of tank bursting  rupture in case of a runaway reaction (accident).

The DIERS methodology is used for simulation of gas-liquid mixture flowing out of the tank. Simulation of chemical reactions is implemented on the basis of formal and descriptive kinetic models that can be created by the ForK and DesK programs respectively.

The convenient project-oriented interface facilitates BSTapplication.

The BST 4x package comprises:

  • the BST server which manages projects and controls the interaction between the modules; it includes the BST module which implements simulation of the processes in a tank;
  • the VENT module for calculation of two-phase flow through a complex multi-segment pipeline (ERS);
  • the MIXTURE  software for calculation of physical and chemical properties of multi-component liquid and gas/vapor mixtures.

Handling data

BST is based on the project concept. A project unites all the data necessary for simulation. A BST project contains data on reactor, kinetic model, parameters of simulation, and results. In addition it includes the references to the corresponding VENT and MIXTURE projects. Every separate project is saved in a data volume of the appropriate data base – of BST, VENT and MIXTURE.

BST provides direct access to the ForK and DesK data bases which allows easy import of kinetic models  created by using ForK or DesK.

Kinetic models

BST can use both formal models based on conversions as state variables and descriptive models based on concentrations. Kinetic models can be imported from ForK and DesK programs or created manually when working with BST.

Main features of BST

Reactor type

  • jacketed reactor having the shape of a sphere, vertical or horizontal cylinder;
  • flow models in a reactor: Bubble, Churn turbulent, Foam;

Emergency relief system:

  • top or bottom positioned multi segment vent line including one safety device (rupture disk of valve);
  • flow models in a pipeline: one- or two-phase homogeneous equilibrium or frozen for nozzle; homogeneous equilibrium or non-equilibrium for pipes;
  • a pipe may be constructed from up to 256 hydraulic elements – straight pipes, elbows, expanders and contructors.


 Requirements: CPU: Intel Pentium 1200 MHz and faster, Memory: 1024 MB, Disk space: 50 MB, CD-ROM: present,
                        OS: MS Windows  XP,  7, 8, 10


  • When installing the BST package the order of installation should be as follows: MIXTURE, VENT and then BST!
  • MIXTURE, VENT and BST programs should be downloaded separately.  Download MIXTURE.   Download VENT.  (To download BST, go to the bottom of this page)


  1.  When installing the program under Windows 7 and higher we strongly recommend to use the default path  C:\Users\[username]\CISP\[program]
  2. When installing new versions of TSS applications one can meet the problem with Anti-virus tools you use.  Some of them may suspect that TSS programs are hazardous ones. Please don't worry. This may happen  due to new  powerful protection system (provided by  the Enigma Protector - one  of the world  leaders in this  area) which  sometimes causes alarm because anty-virus tools cannot look  inside the protected code. As a result the approcation will be blocked. To avoid such problem ask your IT service to exclude .Users\[username]\CISP  folder from virus  check  ​
    CISP guarantees that TSS is 100% clean, which means its applications do not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoor.
  3. Be aware - even if you are the licensed user of this program you will have to get new registration key. Please email us the request and don't forget to indicate your company and your name
  4. IMPORTANT! When installing DST you should run setup.exe "As Administrator". The simple way to run it as an administrator in Windows 10 is to find the setup you want to run on the disk or CD, right click and select 'Run as administrator' 

Important! Be aware that on the expiration of the Warranty/maintenance Period the License on any TSS application remains valid for the version last updated during maintenance Period. Therefore if your maintenance has expired you wouldn't be able to use new updatesIf you nevertheless download the setup of new version and replace your working version with new one it won't work and you will lose working program! To avoid such situation check please whether you have valid maintenance before downloading any TSS program. 

Download latest version of BST software

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