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Version History

Version History

Current version:




ARKS uRC Package Version 1.0.0. released 15 April 2021

The first version of new ARKS uRC package containing completely reworked modules with new interface and essentially improved and enhanced functionality


Version 3.2, released 12 January 2017

  • Enhanced Data Converter which makes easier loading uRC data
  • Enhanced RCPro application for data processing; includes estimation of energy accumulation, improved procedure of feed pulses correction
  • updated documentation

Version 3.15, released 13 March 2014


  • Improved uRCKin Estimation and Simulation modules


Version 3.1, released 7 February 2013

  • Improved uRCKin Estimation and Simulation modules
  • Updated version of the RCPro data processing code
  • Modified data converter (TFC) program that support the latest uRC data formats

Version 3.0, released 23 October 2012

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Version History