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Version 1.1.10, released  15 September 2020

Further enhancement of the "Phase transition"  procedure. If the peak tail is complex, that is, relaxation of a crucible
(typically heavy high-pressure tight one) is described by the two-body model, then two time constants are determined.


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  • New version ARKS DConv 1.0.03 is also available. We recommend to download and install it as well.

Version 1.1.00, released  15 April 2020

1. Essentially enhanced "Phase transition"  procedure:
- improved method for determination of the time constant even in the case of complex peak tails;
- additional method for thermal resistance determination from the slope of the peak front;
- automatic calculation of thermal resistance from the time constant
2. More convenient data presentation when working with Determination of  Glass transition  temperature

Version 1.0.01, released  31 July 2019

Minor bugs have been corrected

Version 1.0.0, released  01 May 2019

The first version of the program belonging to new software line TSS-ARKS


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