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Current version:



Version 1.2.0, released  29 April 2023

New features:

  1. A new theoretically sound statistical method has been added. It is based on the use of the coefficient of determination R2 and is intended for measuring how well experimental data are predicted by the kinetic model created, and for evaluating the predictive power of a model as well as for testing hypotheses when there are several competing models.
  2. The possibility to simulate  a reactor with temperature - dependent thermal inertia by taking into account variation of the substance and reactor material heat capacities with temperature and variation of the reacting mixture heat capacities with current composition.
  3. Import of data with all the available auxiliary information form ARKS AC
  4. Adjustments for working with new Mixture software v. 4.3.2
    Attention! Mixture v. 4.3.2 will be released soon. If you are using ARKS CK in conjunction with Mixute right now, hold off on updating ARKS CK until the new version of Mixture is released

Version 1.1.0, released  13 January 2020

Improved algorithms used for working with pressure responses

Version 1.0.2, released  31 July 2019

Improved procedure for creating additional cooling coils and ilets:
- maximal number of coils is limited by 10, inlets - by 25
- rigorous check of the uniqueness of the coils' and inlets' names
- adding coils for Adiabatic and Forced modes is forbidden

Version 1.0.1, released  11 June 2019 

Some minor buggs have been fixed

Version 1.0.0, released  10 May 2019 belongs to new TSS-ARKS software line


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