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Version 1.3.11, released 23 March2022

This version of ARKS AC includes modified Vent Sizing module. Modification of the calculation algorithm has been made to provide better convergence to the solution even for difficult cases. 

Version 1.3.10, released 26 February 2022

This is the complete version of ARKS AC with new essentially redesigned more reliable Vent Sizing module with the improved vent sizing methods for vent sizing.

Version 1.3.00, released 30 December 2021

  • Much more accurate robust method for estimation of the parameters of Antoine
    equation has been designed and incorporated.
  • New unique procedure is available for taking into account the multiple HWS. In some
    cases  when reaction includes several partly separated stages, in the end of a stage
    self heat rate may become lower than the calorimeter's sensitivity and few HWS steps are
    to be applied for triggering the next stage. In such the cases all the intermediate HWS
    fragments must be taken into account in a special way using History option.
  • This version allows data transfer into ARKS FK and ARKS CK kinetic programs
    which includes information sufficient for taking into account variation of thermal inertia
    due to temperature dependencies of heat capacities of sample and bomb material. It
    allows further data analysis without the obligatory assumption about constant value of
    the phi-factor. 
    New versions of ARKS FK 1.2 and ARKS CK 1.2 will be required to utilize this new
    feature in full measure. These version will be available by the end of January 2022.

  • At the moment ARKS AC v. 1.3 goes without Vent Sizing module. It is because the
    new, more reliable module with the improved vent sizing methods is under
    development. The complete version 1.3.1 with Vent sizing will be available soon for the
    upgrade. The version  1.3 is made available to allow our users to apply  important
    improvements without further delay. 

Current users will have to get new registration key.

Version 1.2.00, released 15 September 2020

  • The advanced method for vapor pressure determination is designed and added, it allows more accurate calculation of gas generation by a reaction. The detailed description of the method can be found in the updated User's Guide.


  • Current users will have to get new registration key.
  • New version ARKS DConv 1.0.03 is also available. We recommend to download and install it as well.

Version 1.1.02, released 3 May 2020

  • Further  improvement of functionality of the procedure for Vapor pressure correction

Version 1.1.01, released 14 February 2020

  • Fixed bug in the procedure for vapor pressure correction

Version 1.1.00, released 10 January 2020

  • Improved options for data processing
  • essentially improved algorithms used for vent sizing

Version 1.0.21, released 31 July 2019

The possibility to estimate TMR for phi-factor other than 1 has been added

Version 1.0.2, released 2 June 2019

Minor improvements of the Determining onset temperature procedure

Version 1.0.1, released 29 May 2019

Minor problem in the Multigraph module has been fixed

Version 1.0.0, released 1 May 2019

The first version of the program belonging to new software line TSS-ARKS

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ARKS AC Version history