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Version history

Current version:




Version 3.1.0, released 5 November 2018

  • New robust method for determination of the phase transition  temperature
  • Updated help and manual

Version 3.0.1, released 28 April 2017

  • Some minor bugs fixed 

Attention! If you are the licensed user of TDPro your key is valid for this new release. Nevertheless you will have to register TDPro again usng the existing key.

Version 3.0.0, released 16 January 2017

  • Essentially redesigned by applying new developer platform 
  • Supprrts Unicode thus allowing the use of local languages, e.g. for assigning the names of data volumes, data sets, comments, etc.
  • New procedure for determining glass transition parameters
  • New procedure for integrating peaks and determining onset temperatures
  • Enhanced multigraph module, one can view 2 different types of responses on one graph
  • Revised documentation (help and User's guide)
  • New text file converter designed on new developer platform, supports Unicode
  • New protection system which is compatible with latest versions of Windows and is much more reliable, flexible and convenient
  • Be aware - even if you are the licensed user of TDPro you will have to get new registration key. Please email us the request and don't forget to indicate your company and your name

Version 2.3.9, released 12 September 2016

  • New protection system which is compatible with latest versions of Windows and is much more reliable, flexible and convenient
  • Minor bags fixed

Version 2.3.8, released 12 May 2016

  • The Cut procedure has been improved so that now it can be safely applied for cutting fragments of data with "under peak" base line reconstructed but not subtracted
  • The problem with opening several widows with individual data sets has been fixed

Version 2.3.7, released 18 April 2016

  • Minor bugs have been fixed

Version 2.3.6, released 29 January 2016

  • Enhanced Chart adjustmeit procedure; now it allows correct smoothing data presented along time and temperature
  • Improved procedure for determining Characteristic points
  • Improved TFC data converter
  • Essentially reworked Help and User’s Guide
  • Compatibility with MS Windows 8 and 10

 Version 2.3.5, released 22 January 2015

  • Procedure for MS Word Report creation has been improved to provide compatibility with MS Word 2007 and later
  • All the elements of User's Interface have been adjusted to provide proper layout on the notebook monitor especially 
    when large system font is set.
  • This version is delivered with essentially reworked Text File Converter (TFC). In fact it is new much more convenient program that provides easier method for data conversion. 

 Version 2.3.0, released 21 January 2014

  • New option Characteristic points has been added for better determination of the location 
    of such specific points on the peak as onset, inflection points, end of the peak

Version 2.2.3, released 25 July 2013

  • Additional Sapphire method for determination of specific heat capacity has been added;
    it allows accurate measurement of specific heat by using uncalibrated DSC 
  • The adjustable algorithm for checking the compatibility of the blank and the DSC curve
    has been added; it is used for subtracting the blank and for specific heat determination
  • Some minor improvements of the User's interface have been made

Version 2.2.1, released 23 July 2012

  • Some minor problems  have been fixed

Version 2.2.0, released 25 June 2012

  • Software updater feature has been added
  • The method of compatibility check when subtracting base line in the module for Cp calculation has been improved
  • Graphics has been improved
  • Updated version of TFConverter has been released and added to the package
  • Demo data have been revised
  • Some minor problems  have been fixed

Version 2.1.2, released  25 March 2011



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Version History